We've just received this fabulous photograph & review of the Night Sky Feather bow tie from Greg Jarvis in the US. ....."If you are in search of a men’s statement piece for evening attire, you need not to look further than the incredible talent and artistry found from@feathergamebirdsuk . The bow tie featured in this picture is handmade,“Beautifully British”, and internationally recognized as some of the most creative craftsmanship in the industry. Each bow tie features individually applied exotic and domestic feathers, intricately arranged into eye-catching designs, a top of fine British silk. As if the product weren’t enough, Tracey is an incredible person to do business with, and exceeded all of my expectations. From customer care, to the actual artistry of the product, I promise you will not be disappointed. 📸: Alyson JarvisPhotography”

Thanks again for everything!


Greg (thanks to Greg and Alyson JarvisPhotography)