I love the rich autumnal colours of the grouse feathers, with the hint of gold and little snow capped white peaks on the end of the feathers. These are from Knarsdale on the Scottish Moors in the UK and are limited stock. I have seen the lucky grouse feather pins and thought what a lovely bow tie these feathers would make. I couldn't see one anywhere on the internet and still can't. The soft texture and rich colours are a beautiful combination. This one is set on a Handmade Copper silk bow tie, you can make a custom request if you prefer it to be set on heavy barathea black silk instead. What is the difference to other feather bow ties you may wonder, as ours are not the most expensive, but are on the higher side. Well apart from being made to our own completely unique designs, our Bow Ties are not set on imported cheap bows, they are handmade from scratch & we choose the silks fabrics for their quality & colours to compliment the feathers. This is why they have become so popular with brides and grooms & groomsmen for the special day, but also for Balls and Cruises They can go up to 24" in necktie length if you wish, as standard bows often only go from 14" to 18" necks. That is the beauty of custom made. They can be made for the largest neck in the family to the smallest for a little ring bearer for example.